Wednesday, April 6, 2011

FreshLook Cosmetic Colored Contacts Overview

FreshLook Cosmetic Colored Contacts - The World's Top selling Cosmetic Contact Contacts
Do you wish to change, enhance or even illuminate your attention color?
Nowadays even though you have a ideal vision, you can use Cosmetic lenses to improve your overall look.
Contact lens Organization like Ciba Eyesight has since style and produce a number of cosmetic lenses that's cater to suits anyone needs and necessity.
Below are the actual 3 major cosmetic contacts from Ciba eyesight:
Freshlook One day was created with the comfort and ease of Focus dailies as well as combines the trademarked 3 in 1 technology in the beauty of Freshlook colorblends.

FRESHLOOK? ONE DAY can be found in 4 beautiful tones - Gray, Real Hazel, Blue as well as Green. With the actual daily use software, you will have the ability to use a brand new pair daily as well as explore different personalities every single day.
Freshlook colorblends offers patented three-in-one technologies that blends 3 colors into someone to create the most basic, subtle eye color change for any beautiful look.
Freshlook colorblends can be found in 12 exciting colours -, Green, Dark brown Blue, Honey, Turquoise, Grey, Amethyst, True Sapphire, Pure Hazel and also the latest 'Vibrant' improvements - Sterling Grey, Gemstone Green as well as Brilliant Blue.
FRESHLOOK ILLUMINATE was created Asian eyes, for any natural look.

They're designed with distinctive starburst pattern which will blend the colored ring to the iris of the eyes to create eyes naturally larger and much more attractive.
Freshlook illuminate contain a Special dual-layer colour printing technology which enhances all tones of Asian eye. This unique color from the lens will enhance with light to blend towards the shade of the actual wearer's eye for any subtle and organic look.
Freshlook Light up lenses are therefore natural-looking; you can put them on every day!